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This is a time for you to focus on you!  Individual therapy is offered to help a person better understand themselves and to learn ways to better cope with life.  Different therapeutic models may be used to help you achieve your therapeutic goals. Some sessions may put a heavy focus on  your past, while other sessions may be more focused on present day and the tools you can use to make a positive change in your life.

Initial Intake for Individual Therapy: 45-60 minutes

For Adults (18 +):  This process includes the completion of all necessary paperwork to engage in the therapeutic process.  This session will involve both the client getting to know the therapist and for the therapist to gather further information about the client.  Within the intake process, the client and therapist will collaborate on the development of treatment goals and establish the future approach that will be taken to assist in achieving these goals. 


For Adolescents and Children (Under 18):  For the intake, only the parents/parent/or legal guardian will attend.  At this point, the caregiver will complete all necessary paperwork on behalf of the minor, to speak freely about their concerns and to develop an idea of treatment planning and goals with the therapist.  No formal treatment plan will be decided until the therapist meets directly with the adolescent or child.


Follow-Up Appointments for Individual Therapy: 45-60 minutes


For Adults (18+):  Sessions will be scheduled on an as needed basis.  Sessions will focus on working towards the goals developed earlier on in the intake process.  Goals and needs of the client may change throughout the course of treatment, as different areas of their lives are explored.


For Adolescents and Children (Under 18):  It is usually encouraged that clients attend weekly sessions in the early stages of treatment, as a way to better develop a rapport between the therapist and the child/adolescent.  Therapist and child/adolescent will meet individually with the therapist, unless otherwise scheduled.  Parents or guardians are expected to meet individually once a month with the therapist, as a way to touch-base and review the progress of treatment, while still maintaining the privacy of the child or adolescent.

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