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Couples and Family

Relationships take work!  Entering into couples or family therapy does not necessarily mean things are bad, sometimes you need a safe environment, where you and your loved ones can work through a problem and leave with a better sense of direction.  A good amount of work in couples or family therapy is to look at the patterns of communication, dynamics within the family unit and to find ways to change what is not working.

Initial Intake for Couples or Family Therapy: 45-60 minutes


All members of the family or both partners are expected to attend the initial intake process.  All paperwork will be completed prior to engaging in the therapeutic process.  Information will be gathered by all parties involved and treatment planning and goals will be established as a collaborative effort between all family members and therapist.  Each member of the family is allowed to have their own individual ideas relating to goals and treatment.  The therapist may ask to speak one-on-one with some members of the family or partnership to gather individual perspective from all parties.


Follow-up Appointments for Couples or Family Therapy:

 45-60 minutes

All members of the family or partnership are expected to attend all scheduled appointments.  Sessions may be divided at times, per therapist discretion.  Focus will be placed on targeting the identified therapeutic goals.

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